Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This is it!

This is it!
I have to stop dreaming and start making it happen.
I miss cycling. I miss bike touring.
I miss thinking about where to stop for lunch, what to eat, where to sleep while riding.
I'm so tired of working like this.
In a country that full of dust and crazy drivers on landcruisers and lexus.
living in apartment and lying on bed looking at four walls every night. Watching BBC, AlJazeera News over and over again.
I want to be back on the saddle again but it's not going to be easy this time.
I have to start from scratch again.
I used to have that 'superpower' that allows me to ride without any training but not anymore. I AM POWERLESS NOW.
I can only rest at my fortress of solitude.
I have lost most my leg & hand muscles but the good news is I lost considerably amount of Kgs as well.
I need to be healthy again, fit again to start touring.
I will take it by one step at a time.
I know it's a long shot but I know one day.....I WILL RIDE AGAIN.

This is how I feel when cycling (Lazy bum!)

Source: Reddit

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