Thursday, May 1, 2008

Six bicycle touring tips from Willie Weir

  1. Touring bicyclists must first decide the type of trip they're planning -- either physical or cultural. He explains that you won't be able to soak up much local color if you're trying to knock out 100 miles a day.
  2. Resist the temptation to buy the newest technology for your touring bike. Go for the tried and true. "The latest and greatest is going to have problems," he says. And repairs will be difficult because those hi-tech advances won't have made it to remote places you might travel.
  3. Consider versatility when choosing a touring bike. Weir rides a mountain bike frame with 26-inch wheels. He says that because of the worldwide mountain bike craze, wherever you go on this planet you'll find 26-inch tires.
  4. Don't bring every tool in the shop; they're heavy. Weir says to make sure you bike is in good working condition before you leave, then just carry the essentials.
  5. Pack ahead of time and take all that stuff on a bike ride. Weir says that you'll often decide that you're carrying too much stuff, and you'll decide to lighten your load before leaving home.
  6. Give before you take; establish a rapport with people before invading their space by taking their pictures. He says too often he sees tourists causing resentment by starting to shoot pictures in villages without really getting to know people.
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Reload quickly

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