Monday, August 27, 2007

Knee Injury Checklist : Are You At Risk?

Knee problems are caused by one of four things:

1. Riding too hard, too soon: Don’t get impatient. It’s going to be a long season. Pay attention to your body.

2. Riding too far: Your body is not a machine and cannot always cope with your ambitions. Increasing your average weekly kilometres by more than 60km over less than two to three weeks can put you at risk.

3. Spinning too slow: Save the big ring climbs and sprints for later. Get comfortable at high rpms and you’ll be flying when everyone else is at the physio.

4. Seat too low: It can feel powerful but it loads the patella and is probably the most common cause of knee pain.

If this info comes too late and your knees are already complaining, start your rehab!

Source: Australian Cyclist- Fitness.

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Anonymous said...

"Riding too far"?!? Can one ever really ride too far? My body is a machine and can go from 0km to 600km anytime. When you in town for the next Audax600 dude.

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