Saturday, September 27, 2008

Five Year Old Completes 55 Mile Pedal for Scotland

Cycle crazy 5 year old, Patrick Kiehlmann (picutred right) completed the Pedal for Scotland 2008 on Sunday 14th September. It was really encouraging to hear the support for Patrick by all who passed him, and by those he passed, on the 55 mile Cycling Scotland bike ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh. The Pedal for Scotland bike ride has plenty of refreshment stops along the way with open play areas, so it's really easy to pace yourself, and arrange to meet your mates along the way.

"Cycling is fun, great for children's health and everyone's environment. Many more children will be cycling with Patrick to and from St. Matthews Primary School as part of our daily "cycle train". Pedal for Scotland is in it's 10th year and there are already more families at Patrick's school who have asked to join in next year, the more the merrier." Mark Kiehlmann, Sustrans Volunteer Ranger.

"Both myself and the event organiser Ian Aitken met Mark and Patrick after the event and were stunned to discover that Patrick had completed the whole ride on his own. We see a lot of young children on tandems with their parents, but as far as I know there has never been anyone else as young as Patrick to complete the ride completely independently. To top it off, Mark showed us home video footage of Patrick on the last few miles of the route, where I myself was feeling ready to drop, and Patrick was still speeding along at twice the pace of everyone else. It really was quite inspirational and I'd like to offer congratulations on behalf of Pedal for Scotland to our youngest and most enthusiastic rider. Patrick's achievement really does show that more or less anyone can take part in Pedal for Scotland." Andrew Pankhurst, PR & Marketing Officer, Cycling Scotland, organisers of Pedal for Scotland.

Patrick started cycling just over a year ago, going to and from his preschool with his mate on their Islabikes. This summer we decided to try and cycle around Cumbrae for an afternoon. We were astonished when he had finished in just an hour. So we took a trip along the Fourth and Clyde Canal from Bishopbriggs to Auchinstarry Basin and back, then Patrick asked if we could go to the Falkirk Wheel. I knew then that it was very likely that he would be able to make the trip to Edinburgh on the Pedal for Scotland, celebrating cycling with over 5,000 others.

Above: Footage of Patrick on the home stretch of the ride, clearly loving it and going like a miniature steam-train

Patrick loves to cycle everyday to school in Bishopbriggs. We are working with the school, East Dunbartonshire Council and Sustrans to ensure that Patrick, and every other child, can continue to cycle on a safe route to school, away from the high pollution levels on the Kirkintilloch Road.

Source: Everyday Cycling

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