Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nude bicycle riders take to streets of Melbourne

A NEWLY married couple got a wedding picture with a difference when naked cyclists converged on their photo session at Victoria's State Parliament yesterday.

World Naked Bike Ride organiser Heidi Hill said the newlyweds grabbed the chance to get a photo when the cyclists reached the mid-way point of their annual ride yesterday, the Melbourne Leader reports.

“They were having photos taken on the steps of Parliament House and all of a sudden we showed up and they had to have a photos with us,” Ms Hill said.

Ms Hill said the naked bike ride through Melbourne’s streets went off without a hitch.

Police accompanied cyclists from Fitzroy to State Parliament and back yesterday, but no arrests were made.

Event participants last week vowed they were prepared to be arrested if police tried to stop them riding nude along Brunsick and Lygon streets.

Police last year told male cyclists to cover up “because men have exposed genitalia”.

Ms Hill said about 50 cyclists who braved the cold yesterday “had a ball” on the hour-long ride.

“We had a couple of people fall off in the wet on the tram tracks, but no one was injured,” Ms Hill said.

“Police were helpful but unobtrusive. They let everyone ride naked.”

Ms Hill said the nude group received a warm reception from onlookers on the ride.

“There was not one negative comment. It was just applause and screaming,” she said.

Source: The Australian


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