Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Park Connector Network

Singapore is a bike-friendly country, thanks to the Park Connector Network. You can see the 'PCN' marked on the bike track to know that you are on one.

When I came here last year, I was so impressed with the local government policy on cycling.

Firstly, the PCN. I found out that it is really safe for cycling. Then, we are allowed to ride on the sidewalk along the residential area like Tampines. Yes, it's slower but safer! Also, the SMRT allow us to carry folding bikes on their train & buses. Brilliant! And finally, we can find lots of bicycle shops around this small island. Ok, even though it's not that cheap but at least I can get the bike stuff off the rack rather than have to buy it online and wait for weeks to arrive.

I start to hit the Park Connector as soon as I got my bike. Really impressed with the East Coast Park (ECP) which I think is a fantastic place to exercise and R&R...I started to explore the network. The route from ECP to the Changi Beach Park is great. riding on the shaded track along Changi Airport Runaway & ECP/ BCP coastal roads is never boring.

And now this has become my weekend ritual. (what do you expect from a weekend warrior huh?) I just hope that one day the network will cover the whole island because riding on the PCN is safer and enjoyable. In fact, riding on PCN makes me look forward for my Sundays every week!

Ride on!

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Darren Alff - said...

Wow! That is great. I didn't know the country catered so much to bicyclists. Why can't they do this in more places?

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