Monday, June 15, 2009

Touring-friendly Pedal

I just bought this SHIMANO PD-A530 pedal to replace my old Eggbeater and tried it out yesterday. Despite having just 1 entry for the cleat compared to 4 with the Eggbeater, I think this pedal is simply awesome!

This pedal is both clipless + platform pedal. Meaning that I can use both my cycling shoes as well as my sandal to ride my bike.

Not only this pedal is inexpensive, but it's neat looking too. The name SHIMANO is also means 'quality & reliable', so despite the slight heavier weight than the Eggbeater, I don't have to think twice when purchasing this pedal.

The Platform is concaved, sturdy and large enough for my 44-size shoes. And the SPD is ever simple and easy to use. Just adjust the tension to suit your preference.

So, for those cyclists who are looking for a pedal for their touring bike, look no further, this is what you need! Period.

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khairi000007 said...

Hello Bro...

How much you bought this pedals?
Look great!!

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