Friday, August 21, 2009

South Western Australia

In my opinion, the Great Southern region is the best part of Western Australia- from Perth to Albany to Cape Leeuwin & Fremantle.

I drove from Perth International Airport to Albany via Mandurah, Pinjarra-Williams road & Albany Highway. Albany is a picturesque small town with a population of 35,000 located at the Southern Coast about 400km from of Perth. It used to be the whaling station in the 50's but already closed operation since 1979.

I have been there back in 2003 but this time I brought my bike along. It is so easy with the folding bike. Setting up my bike was so easy- Take it out from bag bike, unfold the bike, fix the pedal, lube the chain, fix the bar bag, adjust the mirror & brakes - all in less than 10 minutes.

My Speed P3 is on the heavy side because the frame is made of chromoly. It weighed 17kg with the bag but still less that the baggage allowance given by the airlines.

There are extensive cycling network in Albany. I rode on the bike lane along the Middleton Beach and Marine Drive (overlooking the Vancouver peninsula) and finally climb up the short but steep Apex Drive to the Desert Mounted Corp memorial on Mt Clarence.

Cape Leeuwin near Augusta is another favourite place of mine. There is a lighthouse on the headland of the cape. It is considered as a point where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean. I love the lighthouse as well as the landscape surrounding the cape. very dramatic!

In Perth, I rode around Kings Park- on the main road & the bush trail. At 11am in Winter, the weather was nice as was sunny but very cooling. The speed limit of 40km/h allow us the cyclist to ride with pece of mind. Futhermore, the view of Perth City, the Swan River and the busy traffic on Kwinana Highway is awesome.

And finally- The Sunset Coast! I stayed at Scarborough facing the Indian Ocean. It was windy- super windy, the waves were big & strong- the scenery were breahtaking! I rode from my apartment at Scarborough to Cottlesloe beach to Hillarys and back to Scarborough via the Cycling Lane... Fantastic!

Enjoy the rest of the photos in my next posting.

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anaksarawak said...

Hi - just stumbled across your blog. Glad you had a good time touring the South West, and lovely photos too. Perth itself is a good cycling city too, with many very decent cycle paths (particularly scenic round the Swan and Canning Rivers, and King's Park). It's also relatively flat, too, which makes for pleasant cycling for recreational cyclists like me and my boyfriend. We have hybrids (Trek FX) and haven't got into serious touring just yet, with rides that average just between 25km to 55km, which doesn't get you very far in a city that is as spread-out as Perth! Keep up your great blog!

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