Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stretching For Cyling

Shoulder stretch
Start with your feet slightly apart, your arms extended in front of
you with your fingers interlaced. Roll your palms away from you and lift your arms up and over your head, keeping your chin tucked in. Then stretch the other way. Again with your feet slightly apart, arms behind you and your fingers interlaced. Now gently lift your arms as far as they will go. When you reach the limit of your stretch, hold for the required period. Good posture is important in all exercise and particularly so with this stretch. When stretching, avoid a hollow back.

Lateral stretch.
Stand feet apart, knees slightly apart. This is important to prevent lower back problems. Extend one arm above your head while sliding your other palm down the outside of your leg until you feel the
stretch in your side. Keep your hed up and do not lean forward. Repeat on the other side. Cautionary note: If at any time you feel discomfort in your spine during this exercise, stop immediately.

Calf stretch
Stand about a metre from a wall with both feet pointing forward. Rest your forearms against the wall and keep your body in a straight line with your bottom tucked in and heels on the floor.

Quad stretch
Stand beside a chair or wall. Bend
your outside knee backwards and your foot towards your buttock. Grasp your ankle and pull it gently towards your back. Feel the stretch down the front of your upper leg. Turn around and repeat on the opposite leg.

Hamstring stretch

With your feet more than shoulder width apart, bend both knees and bend forward to clasp the ankle of one leg. Gradually straighten your leg until you feel the stretch at the back of your leg and whilst keeping the other leg bent. This exercise can also be performed seated, see later.

Adductor stretch
Stretch one leg sideways whilst bending your other knee. Lean towards the bent knee to feel the stretch on the inside of your thigh.

Lumbar and hip stretch
Lie on your back with your knees bent. Once relaxed bring one knee towards your chest holdin at the knee. Take it as close to the chest as possible without causing pain. Hold for the required period then return to the start position and repeat with the other leg.

Gluteal stretch

Lie on your back and relax. Place the ankle of one leg onto the knee of your other leg. Reach
forward with both hands to the thigh of your supporting leg. Gently bring your supporting leg towards your chest as far as you can without causing pain. You should now be able to feel the stretch in the buttock of your other leg. Hold for the required period, release the leg and lower to the ground and repeat on the other leg.

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