Monday, October 5, 2009


Just got my brand new pannier which I recently bought from wiggle. It's ALTURA DRYLINE 56, a waterproof rear pannier with 56 litre capacity.

Pannier is (in my opionion) the most important bike accessories (with rear rack) for a bike tourist like me to have. I need to carry stuff when touring, so the best option is to carry it in the bag and hang it on the rear/ front rack.

What I like about this bag is that it it better looking than other waterproof panniers, it has small pocket with organizer, lighter construction, rubber pads at bottom & sufficient reflectors. I have been using altura bags for at least 5 years until now, so I know it is a reliable bags for bike tour. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with shoulder strap like my 'old' altura panniers have.

And to get this bag is not easy. You can't just buy it off shelves anywhere but in UK. So I bought it online. And buying it via online means expensive shipping charges!

With this brand new panniers, I guess, I will have to start planning for my next tour. Probably in December as I already got my leave application approved by my company. Great!

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