Thursday, December 17, 2009

Luddite, no more...

I have recently installed a GPS onto my bike, i.e. Garmin GPSMap 60CsX. It might not be as cool as the Edge 705 or the touchscreen Oregon, but this handheld GPS is super fast in connecting with the satellites. One of its advantages is its dedicated button which provide easier & faster access to its functions. I have customised the display to show the speed, trip distance, moving time, stopping time, highest speed, moving average speed, elevation & odometer. In different page, it also show the road/topo map, compass & track profile.

I really love the road map because I don't have to stop to look at the map to find my way. With the Zoom In & Zoom Out button pressed, it's so easy to negotiate my way while cycling. And after my ride, I just hooked it to my notebook and view my trip using the Google Earth.

Garmin is a reliable name in the GPS market. In fact, I have used its e-Trex handheld unit since 8 years ago which doesn't have any installed map but good in tracking & marking waypoints. I'm also using the Nuvi 255W which I think is the best car GPS navigation system! It's so easy to drive around foreign roads by just listening to the direction by Karen the Australian female voice. (love the Australian accent when pronouncing the local roads' name!)

No one can deny the usefullness and practicality of GPS when travelling whether cycling, hiking or driving. And I have no doubt that this GPS handheld will be very handy during my in-coming Manali~Leh Tour.

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Zaharan Razak said...

Hi, I cannot decide whether to buy the 60 csx or the Edge 705 for my cycling tours. What is the difference between the two? Which is more useful to the cyclist?

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