Saturday, May 21, 2011

On the road again....

Finally I'm back in Malaysia again. And next week will be riding in Kedah & Langkawi.
1) Panniers - brand new Ortlieb to replace the one I gave away in India.
2) Waterproof gears - ditto
3) Sleeping bag - ditto. Ultralite!!! wooohooo!!
4) Bicycle - need to lube!

Can't wait to explore Langkawi as this will be my 1st visit to the beautiful Island.

Till next week.


h a r i z, H said...
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h a r i z, H said...

salam bang, saya hariz, student di jordan. planning nak beli basikal utk touring project for the first time. tapi, sebab saya tak tahu lagi touring bicycle ni is my cup of tea or not, saya tak nak spend too much money on something uncertain. so, saya ingat nak beli mountain bike and convert it to touring bike as advised by many. so, saya nak tanya opinion abang on this, as I contacted some people on and I think this is quiet good offer, no? so, I just want to have your advise on buying a bike as I dont know anybody to ask. tq :)

Velo cetera said...

Hi there! Only just came across your blog, spent all afternoon reading it. It's a great read and great inspiration for us touring cyclists!

Thanks, Leon

Kevin said...

Hello there, I am Kevin from Perlis, Malaysia. I want to go bicycle touring. Currently, I have a very inexpensive moutain bike, and I have been doing about some cycling, sometimes upto 40km a day with it. But it seems like it is too "heavy" or hard to pedal. I was thinking of getting a touring bike. What bike do you use? Any recommendations? Also, I am on a tight budget.. Perhaps something that I can get from the local shops here? Hope you can help me out, do contact me! Thanks! :)

mat touring said...

Hi Kevin,
Pls PM me at
We'll have a discussion and see how I can assist you.

Anonymous said...

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James said...

Hi Mat

Nice blog, I really enjoyed reading it and look forward to more posts and reading your older ones when I can.

Unknown said...

I'm 56 and cycling although not new to me (I cycled when I was in campus)is a sheer joy that should be shared with many people out there such as this wonderful blog by you. Kudos. - Pak Ngah

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