Sunday, April 6, 2008

Carrying Soap on a Bicycle Tour

Soap can end up having a considerable weight penalty on a trip if one carries 1) hand soap, 2) shampoo, 3) dishwashing detergent, 4) soap for washing clothes, and 5) a degreaser. To save weight and yet have all the soap I need, I carry a single bottle of concentrated dish detergent. It is an excellent hand soap and has anti-bacterial properties and seems to clean my hair just fine and of course works on dishes. A small amount washes my clothes without being harsh on them, and I will explain how to use it as a degreaser in the next tip.

One environmental note of warning: never discard soapy water into or use soap in a stream or lake. Instead, wash yourself and your pots away from the water and rinse away from the water too. I have found that a good swim in a creek or lake will clean the body fairly well without the use of soap. All that soap does, anyway, is to dissolve grease, and there is only a small amount of skin oil on our bodies.

Source : Ken Kifer's Bike Page : Tips and Tricks for Bicycle Touring / Photo from Bike Nerd.

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