Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cycling Tips

With the advent of 10 speed shifting, the overwhelmingly most popular choice for the 20 gears is 53 x 39 in the front with 12 - 25 in the back. In using this setup, feel free to run your 53 up to your 21t. But stay off the 23 and 25 except for very short periods. The sharp chain angle for these two cogs adds a lot of wear and tear as well as friction to the chain. And in your 39, try to stay away from your 12 and 13 tooth cogs even though this crossover is easier for the chain to handle than the wide crossovers on the big ring. For those of you running 9 speeds of 12 - 23, stay away from that 21 and 23 when you are on your 53, as well as the 12 and 13t on the 39.

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