Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Start Your Engines!

Here are some tips from Nancy Clark, a certified sports dietetics & competitive athletes herself:
  1. Always eat breakfast!
  2. Energy bars are more about convenience than necessity. Go natural.
  3. Food is fuel - not "fattening enemy"..So Eat!
  4. Gatorade & other sport drinks are designed to be used by cyclists during extended exercise, not as a lunch or snack beverage.
  5. Junk food can fit into your sports diet in small amounts. Try 90% quality food and, if desired, 10% foods with marginal nutritional value, e.g. french fries, cookies tec.
  6. Never go out on a ride without carrying some sort of emergency food.
  7. Protein helps recovery from hard workouts, and it should accompany your recovery meal.
  8. Quality nutrition is found in natural food, especially fruits.
  9. Rest is an important part of exercise programme. Your muscle need time to heal.
  10. Cravings for sweets are a sign you've gotten too hungry.
  11. Dont get too hungry. When you're hungry, you'll likely grab the handliest (but not the healtiest) food around.
  12. Being thinner doesn't equate to being a better cyclist if the cost of being thin is skimpy meals and poorly fueled muscles. Focus on being fit and healthy - not just sleek and slim (but starving)
  13. Keep track of calories if you want to lose weight. You'll reduce body fat only if you create a calorie deficit. Biking can help with fat loss if it contributes to calorie deficit (but the more you ride, the more you might eat!)
  14. Urine that is dark coloured and smelly indicates you need to drink more fluid.
  15. Eat well & enjoy your energy!
Source: Adventure Cyclist/ The Cyclists' Kitchen

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