Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inching Around The World

This is one of the best bike travel journal I have ever read.

They are Zoe & Paul, who are in their 50s, got tired of their job, sold their home and embarked on a world bicycle tour.

What I like about their journal is that they are full of nice photos, 'interesting' information about the local foods and their accommodations. And I really envy the way they tour... slow & steady with no time constraints. This is what I call 'Bicycle Touring'!

Being a Malaysian and a bike tourist myself, their photos and stories really brought back old memories of my tour in Malaysia.

And I'm sure that they are having great time on their bikes , going places. What (I think!) they are missing is they should have taste the durians. Trust me, it tastes 'out of this world'ly great! Just ask my buddy, Steve, a 'farang', 'gwai-lo', 'ang-moh' from Canada who is a durian fanatic! (sorry Steve!)

check out their journal at Inching Around The World and their website,

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