Sunday, November 15, 2009


I love durian.

For me it tastes like 'heaven'. Some, like the Thai's tastes sweet but for me the bitter the better, like durian 'kampung' or D24 (cloned).

Most asians like it because you can get it only in side of the world- Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, etc.

But many people especially the non-Asian hate it- some said it smells like 'shit', garbage, vomit, etc. Well, I can't blame them. It does gives a strong pungent smell. And that is why most hotels ban durians from being consumed in the rooms.

However, despite being good source in Vitamin C and dietary fibre, low in cholesterol & sodium, a slice of durian does give you 300++ calories. In comparison to 1 sachet of PowerGel (120) & Gu EnergyGel (100) and banana (200).

Ah, people will say..what the heck! it's only 300. Yeah..but ask yourself these questions- do you only eat 1 slice? How many times do you have your meal? 2? 3? What else do you eat? meat? rice? potato? nasi lemak? roti prata?

Remember that our body can only take 2000-2400 calories a day (average), so you do the math. How much calories can you take in each meal?

I'm not here trying to stop you from enjoying your durian, but due to it's high in carbohydrate (67%), fat (30%) and protein (3%).. please eat it moderately. Do not over-consume durian especially when you are lacking of exercise or sports activities.

And for those who has never try this 'king of fruit'...give it a try ok. In my opinion, it smells better that those 'smelly' cheese that you love. Or perhaps, this carbo/ fat rich fruit is the 'PowerBar' that we need before a long hard bicycle ride!


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