Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bike Touring 101 (Reprise)

Lately, I have received emails from visitors to my Blog who expressed their interest in Bike Touring. Hey, it's always a pleasure to encourage people to try Bike Touring because it's simply FUN!

OK, Bike Touring is NOT for macho people who wants to go fast & furious and those who fancy light carbon bikes. Bike Touring is for ANYONE with sense of adventure who wants to explore the back roads, highlands, country sides, coastal roads, etc. It's not about the speed or distance. Instead, it's about the journey that you are to take. Whether it is 30km or 100km, along the way, you will meet and talk to people who you just met, enjoy the food at roadside, taking photographs with your friends, enjoy the beautiful sceneries, etc.

It doesn't matter if you are 25 or 65, if you are in sound physical condition and willing to take some time to prepare, you will be ok. Bottom line is, in Bike Touring, gearing & patience are more important than raw strength!

As long as you know how to ride a bicycle and are familiar with the basic operation of gear shifting and braking, then you are ready for a Bike Tour. No problemo!

For a beginner, I would advise that you don't splash your money on a new bike. Just ride your own bike whether it is a road bike, mountain bike or a hybrid. Try to fix a rear rack to your bike to carry your stuff. Then, invite your friends to join you for a short trip, maybe a day trip or an overnighter.

Once you got hooked on the Bike Touring, i.e. you don't mind riding for 5-8 hours for few days under hot sun or in the rain, getting dirty and smelly, get used to the local foods at the road stalls, then only you should consider invest in a proper Touring Bike and its accessories.

Welcome to the world of Bike Touring!


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