Saturday, August 28, 2010

Manali-Leh; The Story (Part 4)

the road back to Patseo

So my tour is finished! We can't afford to lose any more days and now I'm heading back to Patseo. When I reached Hozer Cafe, I can see the surprise on their faces. When asked why I'm coming back, I just told them that I was not feeling well.

Hozer Family Portrait

I was hoping that my friend will be able to join the 3 British guys in Sarchu so that he would not be riding alone on the Himalaya. If there were any technical problem, I know he will be in trouble.When descending, I noticed that there are hardly any vehicles going to the same direction with me. But at that time, the road at Zing Zing Bar was still open for both direction. Another thing that I noticed was that the scenery looks different and refreshing when I went opposite direction despite the fact that I was there that morning. Maybe it was just my perception, I don't know.

the government rest house near Patseo

So, I thought, I need to catch up with my friend in Sarchu because we have a strict schedule to follow to ensure we reach Leh by Aug 8, the latest. Maybe I can get a vehicle to bring me to our next stop. But after waiting for hours, there was no car, van or truck willing to stop for me. So, that night I stayed at the parachute tent sharing with some young kids from Delhi who are also heading to Leh by cab.

the beautiful lake and its scenic background

The next morning, I did the same thing; waiting and waiting for any vehicle that was going to Leh's direction. This time I plan to join my friend in Pang. I was hoping that with 1 day ahead of him, I can get medical treatment in the hospital at the military camp. Again, there was no vehicle stop at the cafe. So, at noon time, I decided to spend my time taking pictures of the Hozer family. They were very delighted. In return, they took me for a boat ride on that beautiful lake. In my mind, I though, it was really cool because I was boating on the lake that is located higher than Mount Kinabalu at 13,000ft! I also kill my time by doing some trekking around the area. It was just beautiful. So, I had the same time sun burnt!

boating at 13,000ft

Trekking at Patseo

view at the end of the lake

By 2.00pm, From far, I saw my 1st cyclist of the day. Lo and behold! It was Ron and Annette! Apparently, they are now supported by a small Jeep with the guy that we met at Manali. Then while they were resting, came Thomas & Lucie, the couple from France. So after finished their lunch, they move on to Zing Zing Bar. I told them about the obstacle waiting for them and they were aware of it. Then by 4.00pm, came Dave & Colleen. Seems like they all came from the same hotel in Keylong, but left at different time. So after a short rest, they too continue riding to Zing Zing Bar.

Ron & Annette

Lucie & Thomas



So, that night I have no other choice but to stay at the tent. But this time I had to share with the helpers as the parachute tent was fully occupied by people from Manali who were forced to stopped there due to road closure at Zing Zing Bar. Apparently the river was too deep for any vehicle to pass through. And these people have reached Zing Zing Bar but returned to Patseo due to dhabas at Zing Zing Bar got fully occupied.

The next morning, again I failed to get any lift from those vehicle that stopped at the Cafe. Despite I offer to pay them but nobody wants to take extra baggage. So this time I decided to go down to Keylong because chances of getting a vehicle is higher. Moreover, staying at 13,000ft doesn't really improve my health due to the lower temperature and lower oxygen level (I think).

At about 12.00 noon, came the 1st cyclist from India, Dipankar. This guy was very unique because he was carrying a backpack on his bag and on the rack. He also had a DSLR camera on his neck! Gosh! that must be very heavy on the neck! unless he has a strong neck like Mr.T. He told me that he didn't carry any sleeping bag or tent, instead has been staying in BRO Worker's camp. He also carry his notebook in the backpack and an iPod Touch where he stored his Manali-Leh route map in pdf format. This guy rode at average 70km everyday! I thought, wow!


After finished his lunch of omellette- double serve. He continue his ride to Zing Zing Bar. And finally, at about 3.30pm, with the help of the helper at Hozer cafe, I managed to get a lift on the Diesel Tanker heading back to Manali. But this time, I decided to leave my bike and other stuff behind (to recollect later) and only carry my panniers with me to Keylong. It was an exhilarating and refreshing experience riding on the Tanker on Patseo-Keylong road. was super bumpy but fun!


Jace Barret said...

Wow, you've toured some really beautiful places! Any plans of a tour within Malaysia? I've been scouring the net for some form of Malaysian Touring Club but to no avail ~_~

mat touring said...

Sorry I don't think that there are any Touring-specific club in Malaysia. Mostly are roadies and MTBs.
But there are many local cyclist who are into this fun activity and there normally organised short 2-4 days trip locally or 7-10 days in overseas.
If you are a person with sense of adventure, positive attitude and have a bike with rear rack, why not join them?
Yes, we planned to do the West-East Highway Tour (Sg Petani-Jeli) during next year's CNY holiday. It probably takes 5 days to finish.

Dipankar Paul said...

hey Azmi!

Just now a friend found you out and sent me ur blog link! Good to see ur posts. Going through them :)

Meanwhile find a couple of lines abt u here

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