Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Climbing Tips

  1. Technique
    • Maintain cadence to avoid stress on your knees
    • Start in a lower gear; upshifts are easier than downshifts
    • Keep upper body relaxed; elbows in, back straight, loose grip on the bars
  2. Mentality
    • Confidence will help you ride the entire hill without stopping
    • Be mentally tough and push yourself; the mind tires before the body
    • Concentrate on form and breathing; the hill will soon disappear behind you
  3. Education
    • Eat before you are hungry, drink before you are thirsty; every 20 minutes
    • Rests should only last a minute or two; don't let the body think it's over
    • Practice breathing and climbing techniques to be more efficient on the bike
  4. Gears
    • A comfortable gear will be a factor of your fitness level
    • Choose a gear that will allow you to spin comfortably; avoid excessive knee stress
    • Use a lower gear to avoid exhaustion during the climb
  5. Endless climbs
    • Combine sitting and standing to stretch and work different muscle groups
    • Concentrate on your breathing; try to keep it at a constant level throughout the climb
    • Remember to eat and drink every 20 minutes to maintain energy output
Source: League of American Bicyclist Website

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Steve said...

Another tip I've hear is that your inhalations can get insync with your right or left pedal stroke. Try pausing 1/2 a revolution to change the phase of pedal&breath once in a while, is supposed to help balance the lung's efforts.

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