Tuesday, February 20, 2007

MIT on Aero

In the latest Bicycling mag they have a small article on aerodynamic testing as done at the wind tunnel at MIT, Cervelo being one of the chief consumers of this data.

The highlights:

-Wearing a non-aero helmet vs. an aero helmet is worth 4x the drag as non-aero wheels vs aero wheels;

-Wearing gloves causes as much extra drag as a non-aero front wheel over an aero front wheel;

-Water bottle on the seat tube is more aero than no water bottle on the seat tube;

-WB on the down tube is worse than no water bottle;

-rider contribution to drag about 75-85%, bicycle roughly 15-25%. Not much to work with for the bicycle.

Source: Bicycling Magazine

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Steve said...

"Only 15-25% of the wind drag is from the bike". Good thing I have start out with a aerodynanic sleek phyisque before adding a large tubed MTB for my training. Was not able to average 30kph in the most recent IronMan, but I relished overtakking every Cervelo P2P, Pinnarrelo Pinnochio or Qintana Kangaroo on the hills of Langkawi.

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