Sunday, February 18, 2007

Riding Your Bike in the Rain

With autumn not only do we see the falling leaves, but we tend to see the falling rain. The combination of the rain and the leaves can make cycling very dangerous. However, there are some things that you can do to prevent injury and make your ride safer.


  • Wear bright yellow or orange to make yourself more visible
  • Consider reflectors or lights for your bicycle
  • Wear a visor or cap under your helmet to shield your eyes from rain and dirt


Braking in the rain or anytime your rims are wet, remember that the first few revolutions will only dry the rims and pads. Allow yourself more stopping distance. Once the rims and pads are dry you may find yourself suddenly stopping, be ready to loosen your grip. Skidding can result if you are not careful.

Hazards of the Road

  • Avoid painted line or steel surfaces
  • At the beginning of a rain the dirt and oil may be more treacherous
  • Keeping your tires slightly under inflated increases contact with the road


Fenders maybe a good investment, especially if you commute. They are fairly effective at keeping the rain and dirt off of you and your bike. Keeping your bicycle in good form, by waxing the frame and keeping the drivetrain well lubricated you can help prevent some of the wear and tear of the weather. Also, servicing your bike immediately upon completion of a ride will help.

Just wipe the bike down with a towel and lubricate the chain. Some prefer using a water dispersing spray on houses, cables, gear and pivots of the brakes.

For serious riders investing in rain gear may also be an option for personal cleanliness.

Now go get on your bike!

Source: About: Bicycling Website

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