Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fly MAS...the cycling-friendly airlines!


Non-motorised touring or racing bicycles with single seats for carriage are accepted as checked baggage with certain limitations.

Any bicycle presented for carriage must be packaged in one of the following ways:
  • Handlebars are fixed sideways and pedals removed and enclosed in a cardboard container
  • Pedals and handlebars encased in plastic, styrofoam, or other similar material
Any bicycle presented in a box with overall dimensions not exceeding 62" and checked in lieu of one bag is accepted. In addition, 2 baggage systems with 2 conditions each, will apply accordingly:

1. Weight System for passengers travelling between Europe & Asia

Bicycle will be accepted as free checked baggage provided that handlebars are fixed sideways and the pedals are removed. It will be treated as any other piece of baggage, subject to excess baggage charge if weight exceeds free baggage allowance.

2. Piece System for passengers travelling across the Atlantic or Pacific

Bicycle will be accepted as 2 pieces of free baggage at 32kgs each. It will be treated as any other piece of baggage of up to 32kgs each and are charged an excess baggage rate of USD100 per piece.

Note: Some connection carriers and aircraft may not accept bicycles as checked baggage, and may have different limitations.

Source: MAS Website- Baggage Information

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