Monday, May 28, 2007

Something to think about....

Tour of Southwestern Australia
  • Albany - Perth/ Scarborough (via Southwestern coastal roads)
  • Flat/ Tarmac roads- watch out for the roadkills!
  • Bus/Train ride- Perth-Albany on Day 2. (400km++ long rides)
  • Duration- 11 days/ 10 nights (including flight days)
  • Mileage- approx. 900km (average. 100-120km ride/ day)
  • Self-supported (carry own panniers, spares & tools)
  • Accommodation- Motels/Apartments/Hostels- sharing basis.
  • Highlights- The Gap/ Natural Bridge, Treetop Walk, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Fremantle, King's Park etc.
  • Overnights stops- Albany, Walpole, Pemberton, Augusta, Burnbury, Rockingham, Scarborough.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, when do you leave Dude! I thought to take the inland route on the return and hook up to the Mundabiddi trail back to Perth.

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