Friday, May 25, 2007

Well..who doesn't???

ONE of the top cyclists of the past 15 years, Erik Zabel of Germany, admitted that he had taken the banned blood-boosting drug EPO while competing for German team Telekom in 1996.

"I took EPO in 1996 but I stopped taking it after a week because of secondary effects," a visibly emotional Zabel told a press conference.

Another top cyclist admitted taking performance-enhancing drugs...Hmmmm. After Patani, Virenque, Hamilton, Ullrich, Basso, Landis, Riis....God knows who else has been cheating to win a bicycle race!!

What do you expect when the going gets tough...the race has become longer. ..faster...tougher. It seems that everyone is trying to outperform each other even they are team mates. It's their bread & butter. For some of us, we take Powergels in order to have that 'extra' energy to push us going....but for the pros, it just not enough. They need that extra O2 in their blood...!!!

So, quit racing and let's do ..BIKE TOURING! You don't have to cheat by taking EPO..steroids or some kind of hormones...not even Powerbars. Just have your favourite breakfast...fill up your water bottles...& you are good to go! ...But bring some cash for the refill when you do your pit stop along the way.


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