Friday, June 22, 2007


Fancy touring the the South Island, New Zealand?
Well, this is how it looks like when biking on one of its busy road! With the currency exchange of 2.6 Ringgit Malaysia against 1 NZ Dollar (as todate), it looks like touring NZ will be much cheaper than the Australia or Europe Tour if only you could get a cheaper flight ticket, of course.

NZ is one of the safest place to tour, so-cyclist-friendly and so clean as if as pollution is non-exist. Many interesting places to visit from Fox Glacier to Queenstown, and from Kaikora to Otago Peninsula. It's a heaven for outdoor sports enthusiasts. And check out the Southern Alps on the backround of the photo... fyi, that will be the background view throughout the South Island tour. Amazing huh?!

Source: Photo courtesy of Independent Cycle Tours NZ website.

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