Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Computers are like a bicycle for our minds."

After being ousted from Apple, Steve Jobs headed for the Tuscan hills of northern Italy, where he bought a bicycle and a sleeping bag, and contemplated what he would do next. That turned out to be NeXT Software, which he sold to Apple, fuelling his return and second act. (from Is there a deeper, interesting cycling thread here? I began to wonder...

Of course the internet makes researching a story like this easy.
Quote from an interview of Steve Jobs by “The Belfast Telegraph” at the recent Paris Expo:… asked what is the last piece of technology that he acquired — not made by Apple — that really delighted him? He pauses for few long seconds, looks down, puts his hands on his knees, looks away. “I actually bought a bicycle recently. It’s just … wonderful.”

Little did I realize that Mr. Job's had a deep appreciation of the efficiency of locomotion and elegance that a bicycle lends to our otherwise humble species, making us the most energy efficient beast on this earth. In this video, he discusses the bicycle and makes the analogy that the "computer is like a bicycle for our minds." Of course, I think that is a wonderful analogy. Much as computers were the rage of the late 1900's, so was the bicycle the rage of the late 1800's, giving our society this wonderful means of locomotion... a new found freedom.

From an interview with Steve Hayden, the former Chiat Day copywriter who wrote Apple's famous 1984 Super Bowl commercial (,2125,60441,00.html). To illustrate, Hayden showed some slides of some early Apple magazine ads filled with dense copy about "philosophy," which likened Apple's computers to a "new kind of bicycle" and a "wheel for the mind."

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