Friday, January 2, 2009

Thank You David Hon!

Just completed my first tour on a folding bike...on a DaHon Speed P8, to be precised.
Used to be a skeptic but finally I braved myself to try one after seeing Chris Hoy riding one during the closing of Beijing Olympics.
This bike is a proven touring bike...slower but better handling & a reliable workhorse! I'd call it a KICK-ASS bike!
It took me slightly more than a minute to prepare the bike by simply unfold & lock it with quick-release clip, hook on all the panniers, bar bags etc.. without using any tools. Voila!
Whereas others (road/mtb/recumbent/touring) took approx. 15~20mins to re-fix their tires, pedals, handlebars, saddles, adjusting brakes & derailleur etc.
Almost hit 70km/h on descent, easy negotiating sharp corner ala Valentino Rossi's, able to follow 30km/h++ on flat (have to work harder because of the smaller wheel) but limited of gearing (option- to use internal hub to have 16 speed), I use 39T chainrings x 14T~16T cassette most of the time. But not to worry because a 'normal' touring would not require me to ride that fast all the time.
Able to ride on bad roads and off roads with 20" x 2.0 schwalbe big apple tires.
Full touring accessories are available- front & rear rack/fenders. Contact your local authorised distributor for those stuff.
Up right position & adjustable handle post for better riding position.
Chromoly frame- heavier but allow for more comfortable ride. Able to take up 105 kg of load (including the rider)
And it only requires a small space for storage- in car, train or at home. In fact, it is quite easy to carry around using the bike bag.

- nice, comfortable ride but look awkward and/or funny (to some non-cyclist) when a big man like me riding a small bike. but still love it!

I guess, it has reignited my passion for cycling and bike touring after 2 years on 'sabatical leave'.
Thank you David Hon!


SiouxGeonz said...

FInally somebody that has *my* model :) I love my Speed P8 too... it's in the trunk of the rental out in front of my sister's house right now, 'cause I sold the car 'cause I didn't need it.
Happy touring and riding!

Anonymous said... provides you with the Strida of high technology, fine quality and efficient speed.

halo said...

Aslkm. Sorry bang nak tanya siapa David Hon tu?

Oldyonfoldy said...

Itu David Hon Dahon boss la. Anyway, its really great to see the S8 serving you so well.

70km/h is super impressive and I'm enjoying reading your adventures. Wow, you are really boleh!!!

mat touring said...

steel bike is always the best for touring. Heavy but steady.

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