Friday, January 9, 2009

Cycling-friendly Airline

This is why I love travel on Malaysia Airlines.
  • Bicycle is considered as checked baggage. Therefore no extra charge for 'sporting equipments etc' unless your total baggage is exceeding your allowance.

  • There is no need to box it like other airlines. Simply push your bike to the check-in counter, remove the pedal & turn the handlebar sideways. Of course, deflate the tires. (although i find it unnecessary!) Then, someone from the airline will bring your bike to the over-size baggage section.
However, there will be a problem when you take a connecting flight. Some carriers might not accept bicycle as checked baggage and require it to be boxed. Furthermore, they might charge you extra.

Therefore, try to avoid taking connecting flight. Otherwise, boxed your bike (aargh!!) or bring your folding bike with you! (yeaa!)

Two Thumbs Up for Malaysia Airlines!

Source: Malaysia Airlines website

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