Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Seven Most Common Mistakes Made by Newbie Cyclists

Extract from Ken Kifer's Bike Pages....
  1. Mistake #1 - Seat Too Low
  2. Mistake #2 - Feet Improperly On Pedal
  3. Mistake #3 - Using The Wrong Gear
  4. Mistake #4 - Not Stoping For A STOP Sign
  5. Mistake #5 - Riding In The Wrong Lane
  6. Mistake #6 - Not Using Headlight & Tailight At Night
  7. Mistake #7 - Never Listen
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I am adding this in :
  1. Riding a wrong bicycle size - too small or too big. probably misinformed by the bike shop. This will hurt your body & riding.
  2. Wearing earphone. Must be alert all the time of your surrounding.
  3. Wearing dark colours while riding at night. Make yourself visible to the other road users.
  4. Not drinking because not feeling thirsty. ..Hydrate or Die!?
  5. Not eating breakfast because don't want to feel full while riding. Big Mistake! You'll get bonked sooner or later.
  6. Using wrong gear- too much spin on flat road. Get tired easily & you will be left behind. A little grind won't hurt you.
  7. Too obsessed with brand name & bike weight! Ah...the wannabes!! yes, they are everywhere!
Source : Ken Kifer's Bike Page

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