Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tour de Ben II (October 2008)

Last October 2008, cycling buddies of mine- Steve, Ben & Azmar (in support car as photographer) embarked on a bicycle tour known as Tour de Ben (named after our friend 'Biriani' Ben). I did the 1st one back in Dec 2006 as a farewell tour for Ben who was returning to UK for good but this time it was specially arranged for him during his short visit to Malaysia by Steve. Unfortunately, I have to miss this one because it was done during the month of Ramadan (Fasting Month). And the tour was covering KL~Ipoh~Penang (approx. 400km++) riding through some beautiful and less busy roads of Perak.

Here are some photos from the tour:

steve & ben

ben trying to catch up with steve

lata kinjang waterfall near gua tempurung, perak

bridge at kuala kangsar, perak

ben, steve & azmar

Photos courtesy of steve

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