Friday, January 30, 2009

No, this isn't a stick-up: I'm Robbie Williams and I want to buy a bicycle...

Workers in a bicycle shop must have got a fright when a stocky man wearing a ski mask and dark glasses walked in the front door.

Luckily, the man in question was Robbie Williams and he simply wanted to buy a swish new racing bike.

The reclusive singer donned his rather obvious disguise during a day out in Swindon from the £7 million country pile he is rumoured to have bought near the village of Compton Bassett.

The former Take That, 34, stunned locals outside the Red Planet Bikes store in Swindon when he arrived for an impromptu shopping trip accompanied by his bouncers.

The retail excursion marked his first public appearance since he returned to Britain this week after spending the past five years living in Los Angeles.

As Robbie perused the bikes inside the store, one of his security guards popped his head out of the door and asked the dozens of fans outside: 'Any chance you could not hassle him so he could have his first day back in peace?'

Despite the ensuing frenzy outside the store, the shy singer briefly said 'Hello everybody' as he left and signed a few autographs before hurrying into his blacked out people carrier.

One of his aides left carrying his new purchase, a £5,500 Bianchi racing bike.

Red Planet Bikes manager Freddie Platt said: 'He was a very nice man and a pleasant customer.

'I don't think he particularly wanted too much attention. He just turned up out of the blue. I looked out the window and saw a horde of people.'

Source: Mail Online

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